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Sunday, August 22, 2010

"Card Auntie's Wonderful Workshop" reviewed in August edition of the Midwest Book Review!

I'm very excited that my book is in the Midwest Book Review's August edition. I so appreciate this thorough and descriptive review, which follows:

"Card Auntie's Wonderful Workshop is an inspirational illustrated story about Card Auntie, a wonderful, creative old woman who creates and sends thoughtful cards all sorts of people giving them special notes of appreciation, thanks, or cheer. One day Card Auntie has a terrible accident, tripping over her cat, Zip while carrying boxes of her cards. She breaks her arm and has to convalesce under the care and supervision of grumpy (but well meaning) Nurse Hopkins. Oh dear! Card Auntie worries that no one will receive her wonderful cards while she is unable to do her special, creative work. A marvelous surprise solution takes shape from the people of Card Auntie's community, and everything does work out for the best in the end. The painstakingly detailed colored pencil illustrations of "Card Auntie's Workshop" will keep young readers searching for their favorite little orange snail and other guides and cues to the story. "Card Auntie's Wonderful Workshop" has a gentle tone and a message of kindness returned that will resonate with young and old alike."

Here's the link to the Midwest Book Review's Picturebook Shelf:

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