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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Chloe the Shoe Cat included in Midwest Book Review March 2016!

I am very proud that the March 2016 issue of 'the Midwest Book Review's online book review magazine "Children's Bookwatch" features a review of  my picture book, Chloe the Shoe Cat! Thanks to the Midwest Book Review for this excellent review!
Children's Bookwatch: March 2016
The Picturebook Shelf
Chloe the Shoe Cat
Sharon Hickey, author/illustrator
Mirror Publishing
6434 W Dixon St - Milwaukee, WI 53214
9781612252506, $9.99, www.pagesofwonder.com
"Chloe the Shoe Cat is the enchanting story of a beloved orange and white tabby kitten whose favorite toy and snuggling place was a baby's shoe. As Chloe grew, her shoe bed needed to change to accommodate her size increase. Finally Chloe was full grown and too big to fit in any of the family's regular shoes, so Dad came to the rescue with a size 14 garden boot that perfectly filled the bill for the full size Chloe, a fluffy marmalade tabby who fell in love with shoes and her family, and vice versa. Charming furry-blurry colored illustrations express the love between Chloe and her family in a warm, loving tribute to Chloe the Shoe Cat."
If you haven't seen, Chloe the Shoe Cat yet, you can order it at online booksellers. I know your little ones will enjoy it!